Just type the title into any search engine and you will find many disgruntled people on this subject. Sites which link to copyrighted material is now illegal and individuals can and have been prosecuted. It was even stated on one site The Techspoder http://www.geekzone.co.nz/juha/1895 , that singing Happy Birthday in public is illegal and consitutes a breach in copyright.

Whats happening? Has the world gone crazy? Have people have forgotten when information was analogue – ie, when we had tapes and tape recorders, we were free to record songs off the radio and elsewhere as much as we were able. The laws on copyright weren’t as strict. What usually happened is if you found a piece of music you like you actually part with your money and buy the original. In other words, it sells.

Streaming can frequently be unreliable. But hey, most people who buy a product would like to know what they are getting before they buy. If someone saw a good movie, they may go out and buy the original because they want the extras or they just enjoyed the movie. Someone may have watched a film at a friends, liked it and gone and bought the original.

There is also a demand for LEGAL streaming of films. But there are few companies which do this. Many people don’t have time to wait to download paid movies, most want to watch the film there and then. A lot of local DVD and Video rental places have shut down and there is nothing to fill the gap. People used be able to walk down the road and rent a DVD but now it is difficult to do that.

The good old days was when copyright infrigment was the selling of something copyrighted, ie making money from someone elses work or, passing off copyrighted work as your own when it isn’t.

This is going to far.


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An article by Mike Denham states:

Raise the school leaving age to 18? Teachers think it’s a shocking idea. Geraldine Everett, chairman of the Professional Association of Teachers, says:
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No, not cashless society, money-less.

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