When we fail to own something entirely, unfortunately it starts to own us. We get mountains of bills through the postbox and more threats of increasing taxes and increasing stealth taxes. We don’t own our houses, our businesses, our electricity and our water, it owns us. We don’t own the government anymore, they own us.

It isn’t for the want of trying either – look at how the UK responded to the petrol tax. In massive numbers we did get the government to do something, but their response was weak. Increasingly our voices are getting weaker and weaker. The governments are trying become less transparent and increasingly secret in conjunction with installing more CCTV cameras to keep an eye on our every move. They watch us but we can’t see what they are doing.

Violence will not solve anything, protests will not solve anything.

The time has come to act. We are led to believe that lack of money is the root of all evil when the opposite is the case. We are led to believe that being poor is the same as having no money. This is not the case either. Increasingly I am starting to believe that a moneyless society is the way forward – and I don’t mean cashless, I mean moneyless.

Imagine having a completely self-sustaining home, it’s not impossible. In fact, we have the technology to produce one. We can all grow our own food, and with the increasing use of chemicals GM, some of us have no choice but to.  So why not become completely self-sufficient – a single finger salute to the government. Being completely self-sufficient would be a person/family/home that produces, uses and recycles its own energy needs.

There are problems though. First, we need money to build this self-sustaining home. How do we aquire the land? What about healthcare? How do we travel?

How many obstacles and problems do you get over in your everyday life. I bet there are quite a few, and ones you thought you would never get out of and yet you’re still here. It only takes one person to take the leap, and that person will help others and those people will help others until one day it becomes easy.

Unrealistic? Yeah, I hear ya! But that’s exactly what it takes to break the mould.

If you have any interesting links about self-sustaining homes, self-sufficient people and moneyless living, post them here as I would be very interested in having a look through.

Stay happy, stay sane.