There are many of us right now moaning about how the media are controlled and biased but how many of us have actually taken a stand?

Personally I find the internet of great value in finding out whats really going on. I also dislike (tame word) adverts aimed at children and soap operas where everyone is cheating on everyone else (yawn yawn). So when a renovation put my TV out of action for a while I wasn’t surprised at how much I enjoyed the freedom.

My brain was suddenly lighter – no more shouting at the telly; at politicians who don’t listen. I felt like I could have my own opinion on things again and common sense started to rule once more. Being part of an online community has set me free. I am free to express myself and give others that same freedom – the internet doesn’t patronise, not in the way my TV was doing.

Now I am free to think I am also free to expand my thoughts and resist being one of the flock.

Stay happy, stay sane.