After hearing so much about George Orwell and his book 1984 for so much of my life (my mother studied it at school) I finally got a chance to watch the film last night. I have never read the book and knowing how films are mostly missing quite a few aspects I may be pushed to do so in the near future.

The film was produced in 1954 and the most scary thing was how the children were depicted. They were spiteful, hateful and in complete control over their parents as they had been given the power by the state to denounce their own parents if they decided they were the enemy. Although this is extreme it is possible to imagine this happening the more the government interfere with family matters. I do not disagree that it is a catch 22, that children who are victims of abuse should be given a voice and the help they need but giving children too much power over their parents is not something we should be encouraging. Parents need to discipline their children, and frequently parents can be embarrassed about doing this now as it is often seen as bad. I was once stopped in the street by a ‘well meaning’ passer-by saying that my child was very distressed and wanted to go to the toilet not realising that he was still in nappies and we were leaving him behind (for a short time) because he wanted to go one way when the rest of the family were going home. The more the government step in, the more children will see their parents as people who are incapable of looking after them.

I find increasingly that people of authority tend more towards speaking down to parents in front of their children than ever before. I am not sure that this is the case as I only really have my childhood to compare it too but it certainly seems like it is more acceptable to do so than when I was a child.