The great awakening is happening right now all around us. More and more people are waking up to the reality in which we live.

You can’t force people to wake up, however, they have to find their own way to the truth. So although it is frustrating to voice opinions which are not shared by the majority you cannot continue to hold back. Our voices still need to be heard amidst ridicule or disbelief, not to convert others or argue with others but to inform people that there are other points of view and accept theirs when they voice their own.

This isn’t about who’s right and wrong, its about freeing your mind. Have you ever wondered why you go to choose a certain brand name off the shelf without even asking why? Did you choose or did your subconscious choose? If your subconscious chose then you could say technically you were hypnotised. The Great Awakening is the waking up from a long hynotic trance.

Stay happy, stay sane