This story starts in the year 1999. I receieved a poster from a friend about the book of revelation in the bible, the mark of the beast in 2007 and the coming end to life as we know it in 2012. Back then it was seen as utter tosh and after the millenium it was thrown out much to my regret now.

After 9/11 in 2001 I found the world had completely changed and I was uncertain what the future held, my interest in the 2012 theory grew.

In 2002 I started seeing 11:11 everywhere. I saw it before when I was a child, but it was different now because I was really noticing it. I had many clocks, watches in my house and it didn’t seem to matter whether they were set wrong or not, I still saw the same number 11:11 and soon 12:12. But it didn’t mean anything at the time, it was just something I noticed.

In 2003 I started researching the 2012 theory again, and towards the end of the page there was a link called 11:11. To my surprise there were many others who were seeing these numbers, all wondering what it could mean. I was shocked. I remember the poster from 1999 saying something about synchronicity in numbers. This was it, this was what it was talking about.

The members of the 11:11 movement also claimed they saw the time 9:11 everywhere too – some before 9/11 happened. But this in turn lead me into learning more about 9/11 and in turn 9/11 truth. The more I found out, the more things correlated with the 1999 poster. The verichip (mark of the beast) has been introduced into society, around the same time as the poster said. The poster actually said it would be introduced in 2006 voluntarily and by the end of 2007 would be forced onto people.

Is God trying to communicate to us through 11:11 and other patterned numbers? Is God trying to wake us up to whats really going on?

I don’t know. All I know is that I’m still seeing these numbers – even now as I glance at my computer clock it reads 12:12.

Stay happy, stay sane