I wanted to download a movie, and amazingly enough I wanted to download it legally – well actually I just wanted to watch it but after trawling through websites for hours I was unable to find anywhere that could offer me a viewing for a couple of quid. Not without installing software, anyway.

My need to download was due to the fact my local shop did not sell or rent the film I wanted to watch and I fancied watching the film that night and I didn’t really want to fork out 12-15 quid to buy it.

I found this site to download and own a copy of the film for 9.99 which was a lot more expensive than I expected. I thought ‘great, I could burn the film on to disc and watch it on my telly’.


  1. It took ages to download (hours)
  2. I was not allowed to burn it onto disc
  3. There was no extras like you get with dvd’s

To top it all off a went to an online shop and found the film I wanted (a 2 disc special, loads of extras) and it was 4.99! Well my downloading experience wasn’t a good one- a couple of quid pay per view(without the need for software) would have been so much better.