While sleepily waking from a beautiful dream a voice inside my head was saying ‘I know you think CO2 is disgusting, lets work to reduce CO2 emissions’. Or was it a voice in my head?

No it was my radio alarm clock going off. I am slowly being brainwashed into thinking my own breathing is bad. Even my partner said ‘CO2 is what you get from cars isn’t it?’ – I said ‘ITS WHAT YOU BREATHE OUT!!!’ Next they’ll be telling us to hold our breath for 2 hours a day, or put a CO2 tax on our heads for breathing too much.

Seriously…. a bit of common sense people.

I don’t know whether CO2 is causing global warming or not. I believe that CO2 and Oxygen should be balanced and the most natural way to do that is by planting more trees (or stop cutting them down). Labeling one gas as bad is dangerous, especially when it is a harmless gas compared to the other poisonous gases we are letting out into the atmosphere.

Maybe I am scientifically naive, or maybe I am slowly being brainwashed into believing things that are not true. Many people have said that it’s not just the earth thats heating up, but Mars too. Perhaps we should concentrate on getting rid of our┬áreal environmental poisons and look after our trees?

Stay happy, stay sane