It is predicted that by 2010 half of the black population will be on the national DNA database. Whats worse is that 100,000 of blacks already on the DNA database are under 10 years old.

The report said:

“With half the black male population on the DNA database, this means that the authorities would be close to tracking the whole black population. Black people are already over-represented in the criminal justice system, but a Home Office report suggests than an alternate methodology reveals that black people are actually less likely to have committed a crime – only more likely to be caught.”

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This isn’t on, in my opinion I think this is terrible practice. Why is there a DNA database at all? I can understand why criminals would be on the database but why innocent people? And saying that everyone should be on the database is just asking for trouble.

DNA is a new science too, mistakes have been made and will continue to be made until we learn more about it.