Unfortunately it has been proved time and time again that anyone who dares question the 9/11 commission report are continually ridiculed with derogatory names such as ‘conspiracy nut jobs’, ‘idiots’, ‘retarded’, ‘crazy CT’s’.

By using a David Icke analogy we can explain why this happens. When comparing humans to sheep we find humans don’t need dogs to keep them in line like sheep do – humans keep themselves in line by ridiculing those who think differently or outside the so-called norm.

William Rodriguez the last man out of the North Tower saved hundreds of lives on September 11th 2001. He still questions the official report. He’s a hero who couragously risked his life saving others, he’s certainly not an idiot.

Grieving families of the 9/11 victims fought for answers regarding what happened that day. The 9/11 commission report was meant to be the answer to their questions, unfortunately many of them said it raised more questions than it answered.

9/11 Truthers are fighting in their own way to get the accounts of William Rodriguez and the 9/11 families heard. We are fighting for the lives that were lost that day and are continuing to be lost each day in Iraq.

Dedicated to the 9/11 families, William Rodriguez and the people that suffered on that day.

“Knowledge is Power”