Daily Mail article by Sharon Churcher and Alan Rimmer has revealed that the secretive Bohemian Grove Club wants a 1980’s page 3 girl for their 100th Anniversary by the name of Sian Adey-Jones.

The article states:

“The Bohemian Grove Club holds an annual summer camp at which members, who include Henry Kissinger, former President George Bush Senior, Clint Eastwood and Bob Weir, founder member of Sixties rock band the Grateful Dead, debate world politics, perform weird mock Druid ceremonies – and, it turns out, ogle a poster of a blonde in a thong. “

The article went on to say:

“Sian said: ‘I’m flattered to be in the hearts and minds of such important people but my modelling career is in the past now. And, since they are so secretive, how do I know if this will be a nice gentlemen’s dinner or men leaping around doing weird and distasteful things in a forest?'”

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