In an article entitled ‘CCTV Snooping into Homes’ by Mick Meaney he states:

“Alarmed residents in Islington, London, UK, have highlighted a truly disturbing habit of local CCTV camera operators – spying into homes”

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What do you think about this? Is this going to far?
Can we be sure that the person viewing the CCtv images are always acting in our best interests?

Personally I believe this is going too far. As a child I once got very upset about a conversation I had overheard from the parents of a friend. When I realised I had misinterpreted what I heard I was told promptly by my parents ‘serves you right for evesdropping, thats why you shouldn’t do it’. Both CCtv and phone-tapping are forms of evesdropping and in my opinion could easily be misinterpreted. Let us not forget that 90% of communication is non-verbal and whether visual or audio information is used there is sure to be communicative information which is missed.

Morally, is it right to spy on people? The average persons are law abiding citizens, could there be a risk of over regulating the population with this sort of CCtv use?

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