Second Life is a good concept and a fun game if light-hearted, creating your own world and your own life. But in reality the tale is quite different, in my opinion, it’s too much like real life to be fun.

 Making money is difficult, you either have to buy virtual money with real cash, or sell a service – neither of which can be acceptably done without real money. The difficulty of making money here, I believe, raises cautious gamers – ones who do not want to spend money on objects or services because money does not come easy in this game. The point of gaming is to have fun – and having money worries in your second life as well as your first life is not fun.

In my opinion real money should be taken out of the game – in fact I would rather pay a set price for the game (£20-£40) and start with enough money to set a life up. Its a game after all, relying on real money is a bit like cheating – you should be able to make money by just playing the game. It is possible to become a premium member and get a regular virtual pay cheque.

The virtual gaming network is certainly a great idea, but for adult games there should be an element of fun and seriousness which Second Life does have, but unfortunately the money side makes it in my opinion too serious to be fun.