9/11 was part of the New World Order plan. The plan is for One World Government, One World Bank and a Microchipped population.

The way they do this is by making us think we are free, by giving us choices. We don’t really have a choice, we just think we do. When we vote – we don’t have a choice who wins – both politicians, all parties are fighting for the same goal – The New World Order. Their political arguements are not real, they are just for show to make us feel like we have a choice as to who goes in next. Laws are brought in through (as David Icke says) Problem, reaction, solution.

They create a problem. They get a reaction from us ‘something must be done’, then they provide us with a solution, which is a solution they had already planned for which would have been rejected had they not created the ‘problem’. This is the way it works and it seems as though we have no way to stop it.

 We have one way. It doesn’t matter what anyone else does, we have to stop following the herd. We have to start following our own truth. If you disagree with something, because it feels wrong to you, act on it – don’t let laws, rules or regulations stop you from acting on your inner truth. If your job makes you do something which you think is morally wrong, don’t do it. Be you, follow your own truth – it doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing. They are following the sheep – we have to start being responsible for ourselves, for our own actions. You don’t like a companies ethics? Shun them, boycott them – don’t buy from them. Money is our only power, and if instead of following what is fashionable you choose to get educated and learn where your money is going you are making a difference.

Have you heard the saying ‘everyone has a price’?? Well if everyone has a price, then everyone can be bought and everyone can be corrupted – if this is true then it is quite possible that everyone IS corrupted. But YOU don’t have to be. Money is no longer important anyway – it is a way to trap us, money is simply numbers on a screen now, thats all. Your house, your car is not made from money – it is made from physical materials and skill. These are not made from money, they are made by people, and people and skills don’t disappear when money does, thats a fallacy.

The system relies on us to do as we are told. Religions, governments, schools – we do as we are told. Now its time to change, do what is right – deep down we all know what is morally right and wrong. Don’t be ignorant, educate yourself on where your money goes – if you don’t like it don’t pay, if you don’t agree with it, don’t pay.

But one person can’t make a difference surely? They can. Don’t just act according to your truth, tell people and show people you are acting according to your truth. It makes a big difference. People will start to follow you, rather than the media – because lets face it, its the media that controls the herd, but it has no sense of morality or feelings. We are changing, all of us. Stop complaining about the wrongs of the world but act on it. You don’t have to be an activist or campaigner, you just have to follow your inner truth and let that guide you through your life. War couldn’t happen – it wouldn’t happen if individuals followed what they believed was right and good no matter what anyone else did or said.

Stop complaining. Follow your truth.

Stay happy, stay sane