No, not cashless society, money-less.


Let’s not discuss the practicalities of switching to a money-less society, we all know that there would be a huge upheavel if this was ever to happen. Things would probably be in chaos. However the art of optimism is looking to the outcomes believing you will overcome the problems, rather than creating problems you may need to overcome.

To put it simply, things don’t disappear when money does, skills don’t disappear when money does.

10 Reasons why a money-less society would be better:

  1. People would have to be properly educated, because they would need to have something useful to give to society
  2. People would no longer work for money, they would work out of enjoyment. They would take pride in their work because they would enjoy it. People would be free to express themselves because they get to do what they enjoy and give back to society at the same time
  3. Working conditions would improve. People would only stay if they enjoyed their job and having access to what they needed would be part of that. Bullying would lessen, since the bullied would have nothing to tie them to the work – they could leave
  4. There would be no class, everyone’s skills would be worth the same as another as each skill would be needed in some way.
  5. People would appreciate art and beauty instead of the price tag – there would be more appreciation for the people or company who created it rather than the person who could afford it.
  6. There would be less stress. People would be happier in their jobs, since they would enjoy it. Tax would be non-existant and people could concentrate on their skills, doing the best job they can rather than taxing paperwork.
  7. Manners would improve. You would need good manners and a willingness to give to survive rather than a lot of money.
  8. Music would improve since money and hype would be taken out of business and the quality of the music would be a focus. There would be more focus on different and diverse styles rather than Pop (popular).
  9. No more throw-away society. People would take pride in their work and create products to last a lifetime which would use less resources and be more enviromentally friendly.
  10. The environment would be looked after, since the price-tag would not dictate the energy sources you would use – you would dictate which energy source you would want to use.

I could quite easily go on to a hundred but I won’t 😉

Stay Happy, stay sane,