An article by Mike Denham states:

Raise the school leaving age to 18? Teachers think it’s a shocking idea. Geraldine Everett, chairman of the Professional Association of Teachers, says:

“Here is a Government that has toyed with the idea of lowering the voting age to 16 in order to promote a greater sense of citizenship among our young people. Yet it proposes to extend compulsory education or training to 18, to compel the already disaffected to, in their perception, prolong the agony.
To make them conscripts is likely to reinforce failure, leading to even greater disaffection. Enforcement could lead to mass truancy, further disruption to other learners and staff, maybe even needless criminalisation if enforcement measures are imposed.” Of course, the commissars will not listen to the teachers. Piff! What do they know?

Instead they will impose yet another top-down half-baked Plan to tick yet another box- moving Britain up the league table of “educational participation”.

But as we all surely know, truancy is already a major problem, particularly in the tough inner city schools where raising the leaving age will cause the worst damage. One pupil in five already plays truant. And there is no top-down government Plan that can fix it: Labour’s much vaunted anti-truancy programme has already cost us £1.5bn but has been a total flop, with truancy hitting record levels (eg see this blog).”

Read full article HERE on the Tax Payers’ Alliance Website.

As always, I am NOT at all surprised. With children staying at home past their 20’s due to rising house prices, keeping children at school until 18 is just another way to keep the country dumbed down to less than an animals intelligence if that hasn’t happened already.

Being kept at school until 18 sounds like a prison, especially if this is compulsory. Most young people stay at school until 18 anyway, since what they teach them between the ages of 11-16 is utter crap. Every good thing I learned at primary school was completely undone in secondary school. I skipped school to do music because that’s what I enjoyed. My husband played truant to work – yes he played truant so he could work! Come to think of it, I did too (I had a little job looking after animals) – and I was punished for it many times.

This is a sorry state of affairs, the government promises better and it gets worse. It always has and it always will. When are we going to stop feeding a system that imprisons us?

I found this article here:

“In the UK case of Cheney v. Conn,[14] an individual objected to paying tax that, in part, would be used to procure nuclear arms in unlawful contravention, he contended, of the Geneva Convention. His claim was dismissed, the judge ruling that “What the [taxation] statute itself enacts cannot be unlawful, because what the statute says and provides is itself the law, and the highest form of law that is known to this country.””

So there’s no law higher than the government, eh? The government can do no wrong because it creates the law? Basically the government can do what it likes, a bit like God, I guess.  So are YOU unhappy about the plans the government are making to raise the school age? If you are you can petition against it HERE.

I have, but I’m not holding my breathe. Excuse me….You’re waiting for my positive spin?


to another world.

Right I’m off – (I heard spacesuits are on sale this season)

Stay Happy, Stay Sane