For a long time I have been thinking about self sufficiency. It is, in my opinion, a means to solve every problem we have in our lives.

Lack of money
Waste and pollution

All of these above problems can be tackled effectively with a self sufficient livestyle. Being self sufficent means needing less money and working less, ie less stress. It also means physical work which is healthy and fights obesity. Healthy pure food tackles allergies and reusing waste tackles waste production and pollution. Providing our own food lessens supermarket waste such as plastics and needless packaging.

However, in our search for a self sufficient life we have found many snags to our plans. It is virtually illegal to live self sufficiently in the UK. It’s ironic when there is so much publicity into green living at the moment. Unfortunately the government know that self sufficient living goes against money making business and tax paying. And for them, it is frought with problems. However, someone who is completely self sufficient may not be paying tax, but in reality would not need to pay tax either since they would be living alongside nature.

A different attitude is needed from the government for those who wish to live self sufficiently, they are, in effect doing the government and the earth a favour by doing so.

So how do we go about becoming self sufficient without breaking the law? It is actually much more difficult that we thought. Our house is worth £200,000. We not only need land, but we need equipment to continue a self suffient life – so we need something to generate electricity and heating. A cheap home like a mobile home would help us pay for things like electricity generators and woodburners for heating and electric. We also looked into solar power and wind generators.

We decided we could buy some agricultural land to keep animals and grow vegetables while living in a mobile home to protect the property. Unfortunately we soon found out that this is illegal. In the UK it is illegal to live on your own land if it is agricultural land, unless it is making your main income and of course – we want to stay away from the business side of things. Being self employed we already know how impossible it is to work and keep paperwork, let alone live self sufficiently, own a business and keep paperwork. This is near impossible, especially with 2 small children.

We could, of course, do it illegally and risk eviction, prosecution or worse and hope that others turn a blind eye, but with the publicity that gypsy travellers receive – we are unlikely to succeed.

If you are currently self sufficient or you have ideas, or you are in the same boat as our family please leave a comment, we would be happy to hear from you.

In the Next Chapter we will be looking at boats….

Stay Happy, stay sane