Our goal is to live self sufficiently. Self employment is very difficult – although the work is not a problem, it is more the paperwork. With constant changes of legislation and increasing pressure and risk from the tax inspector things have become increasingly difficult. We have a bookkeeper, an accountant and a secretary and we are still in receipt of fines because fewer and fewer people know what is supposed to be done. Even the employees at the tax office, they do not seem to know the answers to our questions. We only have one employee. For such a small turnover it really doesn’t seem worth it anymore.

After being concerned with our environment and our food we thought we could save money and work time by being self sufficient. We could even cut down our working life to accommodate this sort of lifestyle.

We started to look into buying a smallholding. A smallholding is a plot of land which is less than 50 acres – some have outline planning permission, some have detailed and some have no planning at all. It looks as though planning permission isn’t difficult to get with a smallholding, however plots of land with permission are usually expensive.

We could risk purchasing a smallholding with no planning and go about taking steps to get it. Unfortunately with a small budget we would have to get planning for a prefab house or mobile home which might be more difficult than a bricks and mortar house.

An easy way would be to get another family involved to share the purchase of a smallholding with outline planning permission for 2 dwellings and enough land for us both. Of course it would lack privacy and could lead to disagreements – it would also be more difficult since we would have to sell 2 houses rather than 1 to purchase the land. It could become quite complicated – although doable for a lot of people.

Smallholdings without planning or even with just outline planning are very affordable and I am sure that this would be accessable to a wide range of people – for us however, we are more than reluctant to start a new house project. It is time consuming and expensive, but I haven’t lost hope with this idea – I am still scouting for that perfect plot of land.

Next up….The Good Life.

Stay happy, stay sane,