Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet writes in an article:

“Investigators are seriously probing whether a British government lab and an American pharmaceutical company colluded to deliberately release the foot and mouth virus in an act of biological terrorism against the farming community.

The source of the recent foot and mouth outbreak is highly suspected to have originated from the government’s Pirbright research facility, which is shared by American vaccine maker Merial Animal Health.

Russian news agency ITAR-TASS reported that the release of the virus came after an “international drill” last month that was held at Pirbright Laboratory, in which live virus was used. Real attacks are always shadowed by drills to provide culpable deniability.

“A PROBE into Britain’s new foot and mouth disease outbreak has focused on whether staff at an animal vaccine firm may have spread the virus, possibly deliberately,” reports the Herald Sun.

“A preliminary report into the outbreak said yesterday it was a “real possibility” that human movement spread the disease to two nearby farms, with Merial coming increasingly under suspicion.”

The motive of Merial Animal Health Limited is clear – providing they remained undetected as having been the culprits for the outbreak – another mass foot and mouth scare would result in record purchases of their vaccine from panic stricken farmers across the country.

The British government also has a deeply ingrained political agenda to sabotage the stability of a rural power bloc – The Countryside Alliance – that forms its most influential foe and brought half a million people to London in 2002 to protest the government’s wide-ranging abuse and abandonment of the middle class.

The Labour government, now led by Blair clone Gordon Brown, has a deep disdain for the farming community and has sought to debase the agricultural industry at every turn in the last ten years, as well as outlawing traditional countryside pursuits such as shooting and hunting. “

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Personally, I don’t have a doubt in my mind that this was deliberate. Probably to increase control over the farming industry, forcing vaccinations which slowly degrade the animals health.

Natural food is bad for business. Processed food is easier and cheaper to produce, plus it leads to disease turning you into a prescription drug user, another fantastic money making scheme.

Stand up and give your support to farmers – they are important and part of our right as British Citizens, they should be protected and supported.

Stay Happy, stay sane,